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Top Tips for Document Review Success

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Document review is an important part of the e-discovery procedure. Dynamic and skilled project management is required in order to be triumphant in this process. The goal of document review is to aid in the successful outcome of the litigation through the effective delivery of a sound work product. Setting up appropriate guidelines and a minimal, standardized framework are the chief elements for an efficient document review.

The Best Document Review Strategies

For optimal document review results, having a well-planned process is essential. We've outlined some key strategies below:

  • Implement a project plan and project management adapted to the stipulations of counsel, while adhering to best practices.
  • Properly select and train team members who have previously tackled similar projects. It has to be ensured that the team gets broad substantive and basic training on the process.
  • Create procedures, coursework, assignments, and quality maintenance steps customized for the requirements of the project. Conformity with the major quality and security standards must be employed without sacrificing productivity.
  • Use statistics to guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product and enable performance tracking by every reviewer. Also, maintain a formal agenda of communications with the attorney. 
  • After standardizing the preliminary assessment results, the attorney’s guidance can be requested in order to verify or correct the results, and to corroborate assessment procedures and training equipment.
  • Prepare standard and broad reports to track quality and performance, and to aid counsel in supervision of the review procedure.
  • Give the individual classifying documents a single set of document categorization rules, as well as reference material relevant to the specific case as an addendum.
  • Divide guidelines into sections and groups to facilitate the team members’ work
  • Create the most thorough guidelines prior to the start of document review portion of the project. This will conserve time and resources, and minimize the negative impact of alterations to the contract review procedure. Also, as new information emerges, keep informed about the document review guidelines.
  • Establish the need for documents to be placed in a repository for potential or associated proceedings. Document the procedure from compilation to production, and gather broad, supporting documentation.
  • Although office space, arrangements, efficient computers, and speedy Internet connections may seem less important, the right atmosphere and environment are critical to a successful document review.

A sound, managed assessment not only offers the legal team the benefit of potentially significant files and documents, but it also enhances output and quality control. An excellent document review task should lower costs, while guaranteeing substantiation and excellence. Procedures, including recruitment, project supervision, technology, and amenities administration are the keys to accomplishing all of these targets.

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